The Designer

Hello, I’m Sarah. I provide a world-wide Brand Styling and Design service from my base in sunny Brisbane, Australia. I have worked as a paid speaker for The Brisbane City Library and their patrons on the topic of ‘Branding The Creative Business’, and I was recently nominated for the ‘AusMumpreneur of the Year’ by highly acclaimed Business Coach - and most lovely client - Naomi Arnold (pictured below.)

Five years ago I escaped the corporate bubble, pursued my passions and built the business of my dreams. These days I am absolutely thrilled to be able to help other women achieve the same.

The Clients

My clients range from award winning Business Coaches and Branding Consultants, to highly successful Career Coaches, Makeup Artists, Wedding Photographers, Interior Designers, Fashion Bloggers, Personal Stylists, Wellbeing Coaches and Event Planners.


With 70% of my clients hailing from the USA, the U.K. and Europe, we form one well-connected network of brave and passionate women!

The Process

If you are a solo service provider in a saturated market like myself, a striking, cohesive and polished brand design is absolutely essential in order to  outshine your competitors.


But how do you present yourself in a way that will resonate with your Ideal Clients? And without feeling like a fraud? Authenticity is key!

I use a fail-proof design process to help you identify your individual style and unite it with your business objectives to develop - and launch - a unique and impressive brand that you can display with pride.


My personal challenge is to help you design a brand that will blow your competitors' out of the water!

The Experience

I work directly and exclusively with no more than two client's at a time to ensure your exciting new business brand is given the time, care and attention it deserves (also why bookings are essential!). As your Creative Director, it is my priority to guide you towards a logo and brand solution that both you and your Ideal Clients will love.

Throughout  our interaction I place a huge emphasis on sophisticated design, excellent service, knowledge sharing and timely communication.

Together, we will not only develop a stunning and cohesive new brand that reflects your unique style, but also deliver a 'Brand Design Toolkit' that will serve your business as a valuable marketing tool for many years to come.

1 space available in August  2019.

Payment plans available.